If you wear glasses, it is the best investment that you can make. Think about it, you put them on when you get up and take them off when you go to bed. That’s 16-18 hours a day, 7 days a week 52 weeks a year and how long do you keep them, 1-5 years. What other item do you use more often?

If you don’t have insurance (and most people who have insurance typically pay every month for premiums and can still pay quite a bit out of pocket for what they want) you should really think about setting up an HSA account if you can or just an optical acct. and have $20-$30 a month put in it so in 2-3 years time you have the money to pay for that new pair of glasses, the one that you really would like rather than the ones you have to settle for because that’s all you can afford. It takes great discipline to set aside money for two years. But, it will be worth it in the long run so you can get exactly what you want/need.

Think of it like a cell phone. I’m told the average plan pays $60-$70 a month. What if the mobile company required you to pay up front for that years' coverage. That’s $720 plus the extra you spend to get that latest smart phone that just came out. Would that have an effect on how many people get a cell phone? And every 2 years people are getting new phones with their next contract.

I don’t know about you but your glasses are what people see first on you and glasses definitely can define who you are. They will influence how others perceive you and yet a lot of people will keep the same glasses for 2-10 years. You update your wardrobe, your phone, maybe even a different hairstyle. You wear your glasses everyday year after year and changing your glasses more frequently will actually change that wardrobe and even make your hairstyle appear updated.

If budgeting like that is not your cup of tea, we have Care Credit. It is a great way of paying for your glasses interest free for one year. It can also be used at a lot of medical offices.